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Lavalier Lapel Mic Kit - Rode Wireless Go + Sennheiser ME-2
$30 Per Day


1x Rode Wireless Go Reciever
1x Rode Wireless Go Transmitter (with built in mic)
1x Rode Wind Shield
1x Sennheiser ME-2 Lavalier Mic
1x 3.5mm Camera Audio Cable
1x 3.5mm TRS to XLR Adapter

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Rode Videomicro On-Camera Microphone
$15 Per Day


1x Videomicro
1x Dead Kitten (wind shield)
1x 3.5mm Camera Audio Cable
1x 3.5mm Smartphone Audio Cable
1x 3.5mm to Lightning Adapter

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3m XLR Cable
$5 Per Day
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UE Megaboom Bluetooth Speaker
$10 Per Day
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